Let’s Celebrate Uralla’s Stars!

Do you know someone who gives awesome service to our Shire? That wonderful person who just makes your day a little bit better when you are served by them, or who just gives 200% for worthy causes in our Shire? A business that makes you feel like they truly care for you and want to give you the best service they possibly can. Or a trainee or apprentice who you feel has a passion for the trade or profession they are learning and could just use a pat on the back to tell them they are on the right track?

We want to celebrate the people in our Shire who take pride in their work, and who care for their customers and community. Who are proud of where they work and our wonderful Region.

Put your thinking caps on! After the roaring success of last year, where Uralla was buzzing with excitement about last year’s Awards night, and the thrill of being nominated, or better yet, being given the opportunity to show your recognition of jobs well done, the Uralla Shire Business Chamber is holding the 2nd Annual Awards night celebration on the 26th of July at the Uralla Showgrounds.

We would like you, the public (yes, anyone can vote, but only once for each category), to vote for the individual or business you best think deserves the award for the following categories:

Best Trainee/Apprentice in the Uralla Shire
Best Customer Service employee in the Uralla Shire
Best Customer Service business in the Uralla Shire
Best Volunteer (individual) in the Uralla Shire

We wish to celebrate our achievers and those who really show a great example of how Service is done in our Shire! Find your voting form here, with details of how to submit it on the form.

Then, come along and join us in celebrating your nominees at the Awards night on the 26th of July at 6.30pm at Uralla Showground. More details on the night here.