Uralla Shire Council Nominees for the 2021 Local Government Elections

Our local Government Elections are coming up in September 2021.

Because of COVID, what is usually a four year term, this time around the elected councillors will be in office for three years.

The Uralla Shire Business Chamber does not endorse any particular candidate, and holds an apolitical stance. We do want to provide a service to our community of allowing prospective candidates to answer a series of questions raised by our Chamber members and for our community to get to know more about the candidate, what they stand for and believe in, and what they wish to bring to their role as councillor if elected in September.

The Chamber is currently gathering a list of questions that we would like each prospective candidate to answer so the Uralla Shire Community can make an educated vote in September.

This page will evolve with links to each prospective candidate as they publicise their intention to run for council.

Are you thinking of running for council? Click here to learn about an info night being held on the 15th of March in Uralla.