Report on Public Meeting held on the 29th of October 2020

On 29th October 2020 Uralla Shire Business Chamber (USBC) held a public meeting to provide Uralla Shire Council the opportunity to brief Uralla Community on the regulations relating to trading from home, and provide an opportunity for businesses to provide feedback to Council on how we could improve business/council relationships.
Thirteen speakers addressed the meeting on a wide range of topics including home -based businesses, delays in Development Applications, on-going requests for information, consistency in decision making, and the reputational risk to Council Actions and decisions.
The Uralla Shire Business Chamber sincerely appreciates the efforts made by all our speakers and those who took the time to provide submissions to this meeting. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and publicly talk about personal experiences without letting emotion get in the way of the facts. Thank you.
Twelve key points were developed from the presentations and have been presented along with suggested solutions.
As a result of this meeting the Uralla Shire Business Chamber proposes to work with council and report back to our community on progress with addressing the issues raise. The USBC is looking forward to rapid and demonstrable progress.
Today we are releasing the Report from the Public Meeting held on the 29th of October.
Thank you to everyone involved for their contributions and to the mammoth amount work put in by our secretary, Bob, in putting the report together.
Teresa French,
Bob Crouch,
and the Executive team and members of
Uralla Shire Business Chamber