Heading for our first AGM

The meeting where we decided to have a Strategic Planning Workshop

Hi all,

it’s been a busy few months for us, and for me personally, so sorry about no updates for a while!

We had a terrific initial Strategic Planning meeting, in which we captured some great ideas and lots of valuable insights from various members and prospective members of the Chamber. We will be recapping those a little at our meeting on the 4th of October and presenting the committee’s draft version of how we have put it together, for input from the floor on the 4th.

Then on the 2nd of November, we will be holding our 1st Annual General Meeting! Nominations are called for for the positions of:

and general committee members.

We would love to see all your proactive doers out there join us on our committee so we can start putting the meat on the bones of the Strategic Plan and actually getting some runs on the ground! We can’t wait to see what we can get happening in the next year! So many ideas, and now we will have a structure to pin them on, we can start planning out the priorities and start doing things.

Remember, to be on the committee in any position, and, in order to vote for someone to be on the committee, you need to be a FULL MEMBER of the Uralla Shire Business Chamber. (Membership form here, and please drop in to Teresa at Thunder Graphics or Sonia at Highland Living, either together with your $100 membership fee, or follow the instructions on the form to deposit your fee into our bank account – please remember to put your name in the reference so we know who the payment is from!)

Below are some images of the brainstorming done in the Strategic Planning Workshop.