Where are we Going?

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Ideas Night last Thursday. It was a terrific night and a lot of good creativity was flowing. The odd bit of wine and cheese helped too

Resoundingly, it was decided that the very next step in our journey to greatness was a Strategic Planning and Vision Workshop, so we could develop a purpose and everyone can align to that.

We have been very lucky to score Joe and Diane from the NSW Business Chamber to help us facilitate this meeting, and it is planned to hold this on Monday, the 24th of July at 3pm, followed by dinner if you so choose. We have yet to work out where, but keep an eye on this, our brand new and permanent website, name chosen by popular vote at the ideas night, urallabusinesschamber.org.au

Edit 18 Jul: The workshop will be at 3pm on Monday 24 July at the Thunderbolt Inn Bistro, Bottom Pub, Uralla.

More details here.